Collection « Levity »

Pagode« Freedom doesn’t need wings, what it needs is to take root »
Octavio Paz (1918-1998)

Migrating, going away, leaving the nest, spreading your wings and taking off, searching for Elsewhere. Then, while traveling, becoming aware of the strong ties that bind you to your history and family.

But unknowingly, you’ve already built new bonds elsewhere, new networks and you take root again.

Two lives, roots on one side, fruits on the other one? More and more roots? These two lives cannot meet, that’s how it is, irreversible.

Sometimes this can create misunderstanding, a feeling of incompleteness.

But which of these two worlds do you belong to? You are the hinge of these two worlds.

My son is French, he talks to me in French and corrects my pronunciation. But he will always have this particular tie with Argentina, because both worlds were there since he was born.

He is part of me, he comes from my nest, but has his own wings. Forever bound to one another, we move independently.

That’s the power of family. There is no border, no distance, no language before this power, just Love.

My jewels illustrate my history and my search for elsewhere
Wings, chained together but mobile, free but tied, inseparable but independent.



Collection « Pagode »

PagodeThis time, Andrea Vaggione drew her inspiration from the mysterious ancestral architecture of oriental pagodas to create delicate artworks meant to shine on the body.

The natural recollections of her work connect us to the symbolic beauty of the “sacred tree”, associated with the Japanese pagodas.

The delicate pieces of this series were designed as temples and sacred places to host our secret imaginary treasures and protect them from inclement weather. They become small spaces to keep yourself safe, in silence and inner peace.



Collection « À fleur de peau »

A fleur de peauAndrea Vaggione is introducing a sterling silver jewelry collection titled « À fleur de peau » (wordplay with the expression à fleur de peau meaning close to the surface of the skin and the litteral meaning, “flower for the skin”).

A collection of rings, necklaces and pendants imbued with sensuality that the designer associates to a natural and organic language.

A refined and delicate work, mostly inspired by the world of plants and based on the notions of ongoing transformation, constant motion, birth and rebirth.

At the crossroads of the artistic professions of craftsmanship and design, these unique items or limited editions combine an artisanal pro-duction process with innovative technology.