Unstable landscapes

Unstable landscapes

In search of a New Balance in a Transforming World

A family of moving sculptures on a quest for balance.
Constructed from stainless steel wire, these three-dimensional spaces reference our present.
They offer us a fragile, suspended moment.

"Unstable Landscapes" is the result of the artistic vision of an Argentine sculptor, who through stainless steel wire, attempts to materialize a reflection on our quest for balance and harmony in our lives and in the world around us.

"Unstable Landscapes" is an open window to a deep and emotional exploration of our relationship with nature and society.

If art has the power to awaken consciousness, Andrea Vaggione's poetic flights remind us that this fragile balance in an ever-changing world depends solely on us.


Each creation is a unique piece handcrafted in my workshop in Sète.
Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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